The US Government Shutdown

The US government has been in shutdown and instead of blaming any of the people involved and affected by it, I choose to think about it from a different side. The world has been hearing about the wall for some time. It was one of Mr. Donald Trump’s campaign promises. Mr. Donald Trump is a business guy, which means in his mind he needs to fulfill his promises. I think that to him, because he has said it he must do it. This is not something to criticize, it is because of this personality trait that he has so many people looking up to him. He says it and he does it. Business people are not focused in conversations, discussions or any of that matter. They want to do. They are doers by nature. I think we can all agree with this. So, to Mr Donald Trump this should be easy to solve: First step: the wall is the solution, second step: let’s do it. This is how business people usually tackle problems, they’re not interested in debating, defining, discussing… However, and one must say, they will debate, define and discuss IF NECESSARY.

And here is where everything stops.

If necessary.

What does this mean? Well, Mr Donald Trump do not see that there is a necessity in discussing about this subject. In his mind he said he would do it he wants to do it, he promised he would do it he has to do it. His word is important to him. I can understand him in this. I actually think it is a good character trait. Then, on the other side, we have the thinkers, the diplomats. Mrs Pelosi and many who just like her are the true diplomats. They want to discuss, to find agreements, to consider all parts involved, to infer about advantages and disadvantages, to listen to both sides, to discuss, to debate, to check how everybody feels about it, and then do it. Do what? A solution that is reasonable, diplomatic, agreeable to all. And, no one can deny this is the correct way to do diplomacy. I understand Mrs Pelosi and all of those on her side. I think this is a good character trait to have.

Personally, I do not agree with the wall concept, but I do understand why it exists (in concept). Latinos do not see the wall the same way Americans do. For Latinos, specially Mexican people, this wall means a rejection of their culture, their differences, their identity by one of the countries they admire the most. You have never heard a Mexican person speaking evil of USA, or saying they wanted to destroy it like terrorists do. They don’t. Mexican people who want to go to USA want to migrate there because they love it, they see the whole country as an idol, as an accomplishment, as a goal. The problem is that many do not know any better than the crime life they grew up in and they carry that same learning with them. It is, however, convenient to notice that Latinos ourselves, we do not like crimes, or think they are something to be proud of… but this is a subject for another post… let’s get back on track to speak about the government.

US government is in shutdown because Mr. Donald Trump wants to build the wall and Miss Pelosi and others do not want to build the wall. It is as simple as this. Let’s analyze it. If we could set a sequential timeline of events for this case, one of the possible ones would be:

Mr Donald Trump possible line of thoughts:

  1. there is a problem
  2. the problem is the border
  3. one solution is the wall
  4. let’s build it

Mrs Pelosi possible line of thoughts:

  1. there are many problems
  2. they are not confined to the southern border
  3. we need to discuss about possible solutions
  4. there’s nothing to build, we must discuss this subject first

Both sides disagree in point 1, so leave it alone reaching point 3.  Mr. Donald Trump sees the border as a problem and the ONLY solution is the wall. However, Mrs Pelosi and the ones on her side do not think the border is the ONLY problem and that the wall is NOT THE ONLY solution.

To solve this controversy, they can focus first on point 1 and then go through point 2 until reaching an agreement on point 3.

They must first agree on what the problem is and define it well. Agreeing in that definition and then moving on to check possible solutions. There is not ONLY ONE solution, which means the wall would be one possible solution but not the only one. And in the set of possible solutions I do believe, yes I’m an optimist, that there is MORE THAN ONE solution that would make both sides feel accomplished and in agreement.

If both sides disagree on the first point, the problem’s definition, they are far from the point where they would search and find solutions that would appeal to both sides as convenient and coherent, which means a government shutdown won’t solve it. There are still a lot of points in the problem solution path to go through until solutions are discussed (whether the wall is one or not) so the government shutdown represents a waste of time and money because both sides are in different points of the problem solving path.

It would be wise if they would all go back to the black board so to speak, and define the problem, agree on that definition, then discuss how to solve it, find a solution or more that is / are of agreement to all or majority (as in democracy) and then take action to implement them.

One of the possible problem solving paths on this case could be:

  1. is there a problem?
  2. define it
  3. discuss possible solutions
  4. take action

I feel that this government shutdown won’t solve the issue of illegal immigration much less reducing crime in the US as there is the fear that terrorists are taking advantage of this shutdown to flee in the country through the northern border and perhaps perform other scary activities they perform. I think, by looking at it, that people are discussing different things, because perhaps they are in different points of that list of points I’ve enumerated earlier in this article. I surely do hope it gets solved soon. USA is a great country, and is capable of solving and helping Mexico solve this and many other problems, if willing to do so.

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