It is said, by spiritual masters, that everything we are while on Earth is ego. In psychology it is called the “I”. My “I” is different than your “I” yet we can know about each other through communication, verbal, non verbal, we can talk, dialogue, become friends, build things together. This would be what a happy “I” would want to do. It seems obvious to some of us that having friends is one of the greatest things on earth and why would anyone think and feel otherwise?

That is when the wounded side of my “I” and your “I” come into play. As we grow educated by our family, teachers, friends and society we bruise. Emotionally. There’s things around we do not understand and nobody explains. Sometimes things people tell us… hurt us. Sometimes things people do leave a mark in our hearts, make us wonder about their intentions. We meet people who think like us, people who don’t, people with compatible dreams, people wit different types of dreams, we meet aggressive people, peaceful people, we meet people who want everything their own way and people who are condescending and forgiving… but those times and people and situations that have hurt us remain there in our minds wounding our happy ego with distorted emotions, beliefs and chains of thoughts. They run our lives. We can only give of what we have ,the wounded “I”s will remain there and many clash with each others at times.


Arghhh. Rivals are not common competitors. You can have competitors in life that are more of your friends that not, you can participate in a friendly competition with them. But rivals? Rivals are a particular type of competitors, they feel hostile feelings fr each others, perhaps share a set of rivalry stories. They are not interested in friendly competition and will use everything their rival does and / or says to their own benefit. They want to be the best!

Ambition is a great thing and thanks to it we can achieve and accomplish a million of great things but are some of them justifiable?

Sending ultimatums to rivals seldom works, as the emotions fueling a rivalry are not linked to friendship or friendly competition but the opposite. Ultimatums are therefore usually utilized as an excuse to deepen disagreements and the rivalry itself.

  • rivals are a specific type of competitors, they are not in the line for friendly competition but more of a cut throat type of competition
  • when someone has a rival there are deep emotions of competition involved, peace is always very fragile.
  • rivals are not friendly competitors. there’s friendly competition among competitors in business or arts, but rivals are not friendly competitors, the emotions are completely different. rivals are cut throat competition constantly proving which one is better and with few friendship type sentiments for the other.
  • rivals will use any action as an excuse to enhance the rivalry and the competition among them, everything one does will give the other rival an excuse to escalate disagreements and harsh competitions.

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