As I was thinking about writing this post I promised myself that I wouldn’t add to it too many personal views or emotions, but I’m a human too and to speak quite frankly I can’t believe we are living times as these ones we are going through. Excuse me my personal vent, but I had to say it. Anyhow let’s remain cool about all of this and analyze some points of interest.

Leaders of a nation have a great responsibility. To govern is not easy. Kings and queens were (for countries with extinguished monarchy) and are (monarchic countries) trained since early age to govern. It is not easy. There are many interests at play and many are quite important. There’s rivals, allies, enemies, and then… there’s the people. The people should be the most important aspect of governing, since it is for the people representatives are elected (for democracies and semi-democracies) or appointed (non-democracies). I won’t be writing about politics, political ideologies, or economy ideologies but about personality traits and emotions.

INF treaty was a peace warranty to the whole world signed by two former presidents of two of greatest countries in the world. Even though it was signed by two nations only, it ensured safety and peace to the whole world. Not only, these two nations are connected to all others which means if something happens between them, all are directly or indirectly involved too, but also because these two nations act as an example to all others.

People look up to the big ones. We know that since we were kids. We’ve chosen idols to look up to that were “big”, respected, powerful, successful, the number one… It’s true. Covering our eyes to this truth is denying what truly happens in one’s life.

Here is the responsibility that is being neglected and initiating a globalized chaos and arms race.

If two of the greatest countries dismiss a peace treaty, many other nations will follow and will show no interest in investing their time in negotiations and agreements that ensure peace. If two of the greatest countries choose to rival themselves to see who builds greater, more powerful, best missiles, other nations will follow their steps. Do not ask me why… Personally I do not follow what others are doing, but all of us know many people act that way. Also, the whole world is now in the hands of few people with short fuses (some of them).

It seems to me there’s something else going on that we may not guess. I do not know what. So, let’s think about it… When the USA has expressed a desire in leaving the treaty in 2018, RUS said that the European countries should be warned that if that was to happen they would become possible targets for RUS. Why? Because USA has military bases all around the EU. After some days of this happening, the news said that, in fact, not only RUS has been violating the peace treaty because of a missile they’ve built but also USA has been violating the peace treaty as well by moving troops to specific places in the vicinity of RUS that threaten RUS security.

We can look at this from many different perspectives but let’s focus on two opposites ones

  • the disagreement one
  • the agreement one

The Disagreement Approach

The disagreement approach is that one when nobody listens to noone. “You violated the treaty, I’m leaving” to which the answer would be “You are leaving, I am leaving it too, don’t bug me anymore about it”

The Agreement Approach

The agreement approach is that one when people truly listen to each others. “We have both violated the treaty how about we  make some adjustments and talk about how to not violate it in the future?”

A peace treaty is not only important for the leaders in power now, but for all the generations of leaders that follow. A treaty is something usually people respect, and that perhaps was hard for our ancestors to settle. It is meant to be respected, specially when at stake is humanity’s existence.

Nevertheless and despite the threat issued to Europe and its countries, people chose to disagree and dismiss it. It seems to me that Europe is again at the mercy of other players simply because it is ally of one of them. It’s Europe’s fault to choose only one side to be friends with, specially for geographic reasons. Maintaining the ally stance doesn’t mean Europe can’t have other friends so to speak. But, always choosing to be against one of these big players, Europe puts itself in a hostile situation every time something happens between them because in truth it is in the middle of them. We cannot change geography. It’s better to live well with the one that is.

Despite threats to the faithful ally countries, people, unfortunately, still have chosen to end a peace treaty with more than 30 years of existence that has provided safety and peace for this very long time. We are. perhaps, all amidst an arms race that will start all around.

As soon as these news spread around the world the most amazing news started to populate our social media platforms.

  • North Korea said it is not going to denuclearize and it is likely to team up with RUS;
  • Iran unveils new long range missile;
  • China shows a new ballistic missile during drill;
  • Saudi Arabia has shown interest in building a ballistic missile factory;


  • RUS has said that EU countries have become hostile to RUS as soon as USA leaves the peace treaty
  • Iran has warned Europe not to force “strategic leap” on missile range

It seems a globalized chaos is starting where we are pieces of a game we haven’t truly chosen to play…

All the big ones want to prove they’re better than the other, putting everybody at risk. Without peace treaties there’s no rules to follow and what will this mean down the line? The world is at risk with so much rivalry. Temper tantrums are not advisable especially when their consequences and coincidences may collide to put an end to humanity. It’s a serious matter. Discernment is the advisable solution.

Leaders may say: “But we are peaceful, there’s no danger with us in power” but they are failing to address succession and what it means. Peace treaties are not only important for the present generation in power but to the generations that are coming. Leaders nowadays are the ones to offer the values, the meaning and the guidelines for future generations to know how to do it and most importantly to know how to be alert that the power they will have can put the whole world in jeopardy.

Food For Thought… Let’s hope for discernment and cleverness in the future and that leaders realize that humanity is at stake and that the world shouldn’t become a playing field with few players blowing it up in bits.

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