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Having studied physics to the graduate level, I have never thought climate could be a political subject. Really, I didn’t. It has never crossed my mind. STEM students and professionals are all very respectful of each others’ work and research. This means pure physicists respect and value mathematicians’ work, biologists respect oceanographers, geologists respect meteorologists and vice versa. It is disrespectful, in science, to diminish or doubt another scientist’s work without a study, research and viable conclusions. To me, the fact that some people in 2019 doubt climate change is happening and that the climate change that’s happening is a global warming is an insult to science and scientists.

Scientists can NOT fake data. Scientists can NOT fake results. Those who have tried doing so have been expelled from University’s research, companies or any other place where they’ve attempted to do that at. I am not expecting people who haven’t studied and / or worked in a STEM field as undergraduate or graduate or professional to understand, but believe me in this, science is a very strict field of knowledge. Science rejects everything that is not science as science. Science rejects everything that cannot be justified, and proved truth through science itself. It is like this.

So for all these years, climatologists = scientists (physicists) that study earth’s climate, have been saying the earth’s climate is changing = climate change and since that change is seen as an increase in the globe’s mean value for temperature in time, it is called Global Warming. I can write the equations if someone is more analytical (just ask on my contact me page). It seems pretty obvious to me that they could never affirm this to be true if they hadn’t had enough data to research about it and if their graphs and plots and computer models haven’t confirmed their hypothesis. Science is science. It is not creative thinking, it is analytical logical thinking, very linear that has to be truth within the same body of knowledge.

Nevertheless, and even though this is quite obvious to me, I do understand that to some it is not. I understand that. To some, economy can be very obvious and straight forward for example and to me… I have to think about it to get it. However, what strikes me as odd is that so many people knowing they do not know what global warming means don’t even have the desire, or should we say it more politely, the willingness in learning about it.

Oh well… I’m not here to criticize, maybe to them learning is not that easy, so let’s help humanity in this a little bit.

Climate and Weather are NOT the same “thing’. In physics, time and space, are fundamental to define everything. Weather and climate time and space ranges are very different.

Weather = variation of atmosphere’s state at a specific location for MAX 10 days

Climate = variation of the weather at a specific location for AT LEAST 25 years

This means that climate studies the weather changes at a specific location for at least 25 years. Climatologists took weather data for the whole globe and have researched about the trends of change and its variations in time and found out the earth’s climate is changing and because the temperature is OVERALL INCREASING IN TIME, then that CHANGE IS A WARMING, AND SINCE IT IS HAPPENING GLOBALLY THEN IT IS A GLOBAL CHANGE = GLOBAL WARMING.

Several studies have been conducted to infer about the probable consequences of global warming and some of them are:

  • intensification of natural phenomena (hurricanes, earthquakes and others)
  • intensification of EXTREME weather events (cold storms, drought and others)
  • reduction of oxygen concentration in the air we breathe
  • melting of ice caps and icebergs
  • rise of the sea water level
  • others

Recently, I’ve read a tweet from Mr, Donald Trump that has made me face palm. He said that the snow and cold everywhere would benefit from the global warming everyone speaks about. In some other cultures people would find it very inappropriate for a president of a nation to shout out about his own lack of knowledge about such subject. The issue is that the thinking is all wrong. Super cold weather events such as cold storms are one of the many consequences of the Global Warming itself. Global Warming does NOT affect the whole world equally, as it is in reaction and friction with local climates, so besides this tweet being an universal doubt about science and scientists work it is one that makes no sense whatsoever.

I have written and explained in detail about Climate Change in my free book In The Heart Of The Matter , if you would like to know more in depth about this subject you are welcome to read about it. Read it at your favorite digital bookstore.

Disinformation is the spread of false beliefs and information and it is very dangerous when conducted by famous people and celebrities. We know that celebrities do it all the time, perhaps unknowingly, but they don’t get to decide in subjects that pertain people’s lives and future generations’ lives as well, so I’d say it is far worse when disinformation is carried on by people in power, that SHOULD know about it.

The extreme intensity of the wild fires in California and the extreme cold storms in New York are some of the consequences of the global warming itself. California’s drought is likely to intensify and cold storms are likely to become colder.

Climate Change and Global Warming, to me, could be wisely tackled if both entrepreneurs and scientists could come together and create innovative ways to stop polluting and sending carbon dioxide in excess to the atmosphere (what fuels global warming). Entrepreneurs are usually focused in finding solutions at the LOWEST cost possible and creating products and services that users will feel like buying at no EXTRA cost, while scientists primary focus is in CREATING, INNOVATING AND FINDING SOLUTIONS  to the problems they are given, not caring about money or how much it costs, it’s just simply not their field, they want the solutions first and foremost.

Wealthy and well known countries, continents and nations have high qualified institutions and professionals that could do this. Call me idealist, perhaps I am, but I’m a believer. I do believe an exceptional team of entrepreneurs and scientists TOGETHER focusing on what each one of them does best would help the whole world and humanity and slow down the warming.

Humans are funny beings at times, some do not want to waste money in slowing down Global Warming by creating appropriate and smart ways everybody could use to do it, but then they will spend trillions in creating artificial air, when we can no longer breathe and most forests (natural creators of oxygen) are gone… Perhaps some people now do not care, because when that happens they will no longer be here, still the earth keeps sending us a Global Warning that we should all listen to. It is in human’s nature to try to extend Earth’s existence the most one can. We should work to preserve our species in harmony with nature and the environment, as nature can survive without us, but we can’t survive without it…

Vanessa, copyright 2019

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