Why do people play games?

Why do people play games?

People play emotional and love games for the same reason they play any other game. It is one of two reasons:

1. To have fun

2. To win over someone else

Perhaps both…

The truth is… I know it may sound harsh but whoever plays games with you isn’t that serious about you, they may just be looking for some fun, or a one night stand. There’s nothing wrong about it, if you are in that wave too. But if you are the not playing type and enjoy reliability, security turns you on and you enjoy commitments, then playing games may not make you happy. They can eventually make you really unhappy over time. It’s easy to understand why… It’s because you are looking for something emotional / love games can’t give you. So, you feel unsatisfied with them after a while.

Still… why do some people play games?

Some people play emotional games because they are bored. Their life is probably systematic and repetitive and they are looking for some fun. They play games here and there because it’s fun. They play you and someone else because it’s fun and even more if they can put you and someone else competing over them… There’s nothing wrong about it. It may just not suit you.

Some people want to compete with you over anything they can, and if it can be over a love interest even better. People with low self-esteem usually believe that in taking someone else’s man / woman they are chosen over you. What they don’t realize is that whoever plays games with you will play games with them as well. They want to secretly be chosen over you, it probably makes them feel as if they’ve won something, don’t ask me why I do not know, maybe emotional immaturity. This happens a lot with women. I call it the “I’ll take your man bitch” mindset. Some women compete with you over a man they have no interest in just to compete with you in something. It’s an emotional fix, I wouldn’t worry about them.

Truth is, when people play games they don’t want to choose between people and they do not truly like you. Do you play any games when you truly love someone? The answer is no, because you don’t want to lose that person. When we truly love someone we don’t play games or want to, because we care. So in that you have your answer.

How to not get involved if you are not a player?

If you are not a player, don’t play. It is that simple. If you are not a player, don’t play any games, so you can attract someone who isn’t playing either. When someone serious about you who truly loves you shows up you will know. You will have a blast!! Keep it real and you will feel happier and better!

How to deal with players?

I think the best way to deal with players if you are not a player is by not dealing with them at all. Believe me, they will play you today, someone else tomorrow, because they want to have fun and they play whoever shows up. If you take love seriously, this may not be for you. Games have consequences, some of them is an eternal ongoing game that will lead nowhere.

Problem Solving 101

If you are a player then play.

If you are not a player then do not play.

The important part here is: respect others. Don’t force a player to not play, move on find someone else who doesn’t like games neither, and don’t force a non player to play, there’s more players out there, go find them and play with them… 🙂



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