Artificial Intelligence has been topic for debate in the recent years and it is likely to increase in importance in the future. It is at first glace an interesting topic with a great future. If you think about it, it’s about getting some great work done by robots that can adapt to new circumstances with ease and can decide how to tackle them efficiently.Therefore, intelligent.

However, this topic raises many philosophical questions regarding ethics and utilization. It’s true technology is evolving fast, and it is true that using it wisely is one of the greatest assets of its evolution, however can technology replace humans? And if so, why would one ever want that to happen?

I have spent some time thinking about it and gathered few pros and cons about the utilization of AI. Read along!


  1. AI is restless. A robot can work forever, it doesn’t have to cope with sleeping, stopping because it’s tired, search for inspiration or any of that sort;
  2. It can take off humans shoulders some of the tasks they do not enjoy doing, leaving humans free to do more of what they love doing;
  3. They can be used in inhumane circumstances, for example extreme hot or cold weather, a robot can go and collect data for research instead of a human. Perhaps the best pro!


  1. Unemployment rate will abruptly increase. Robots don’t need to be paid for, which means jobs are at loss and greatly. What will happen to humans if they can’t find a job and lose their to a robot?
  2. Robots and machines break all the time, meaning the work that robot is doing can be lost just like that at any given moment.
  3. No emotions. Emotions are what makes humans humans, they can’t be copied or mimicked. Robots will not be able to reply to situations that require empathy, emotional intelligence or understanding. Perhaps it can be programmed to some extent but it won’t be authentic much less genuine.
  4. Boredom. Imagine working at a work place where everything is programmed? Responses, replies, behaviors? Truly boring! Keep hiring humans!!
  5. True danger. Not only in an ethical way of seeing it but also in an evolution way of seeing it… If robots start thinking by themselves sooner they later they will wipe the human race off Earth and populate it themselves. It sounds like a movie but if you think about what it means for a robot to think for itself and constantly gain new knowledge and adapt t it, it’s easy to understand that given the chance they will search for power on earth and not to be full time workers.

Einstein has said, in his time, that a scientist’s objective is to find more, to create, to invent, to discover. A discovery for science may be a great accomplishment, but to Humanity may represent catastrophes, an example are bombs and missiles that can kill many humans at once. For science itself both were great discoveries in what science means, however it is man’s responsibility to think about their usage wisely applying the fundamental principles of ethics and philosophical wisdom.

If you are thinking of using AI in your business and company, it is important that you think about how is it going to affect Human’s lives, and hopefully you don’t fire any humans and all their great emotions to hire robots. No matter how much science learns and invests about robots, only humans are capable of emotional intelligence. Emotions are a living being’s trait (plants, animals, humans) and no robot can learn or be programmed to do it the same way. Robots don’t have a personality so imagine the boredom you would feel if you choose them over humans…



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